Off-Canvas Menu

Navigation menu, quick social links and everything else needed for site navigation is now in our new off-canvas menu.Custom build ofc not that wp shitty plugins wannabe canvas.Under the login button (orange round thing 😉 ) there is now a new quick button to open off canvas menu.Try it, your pc won`t explode. Hope you like it, we will place more content in our canvas as the site progresses.Hope this will make your site navigation a lot easier.


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Web Up and Running[ver.1.0]

Web site finally working and is slimmer, added share button for posts and the official
GOD Facebook page
is now up and running.Share, Comment, Like and Support this project as mutch as you want :). Official forum is in dev stage, and will take some time to make everything up and running.We are looking for new people to hande social media News, Facebook page, and other stuff.Contact us through contact page or with FB comments.

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Facebook Comments Support

Facebook, everyone is using it so we decided to add a support for Facebook comments in our posts.Think this will ease up the community support and thoughts about this game.Just a quick update, forum dev is in progress, but a lot of fixes need to be implemented on the main site, custom login needs to be fixed, mobile grid,… the web needs to be slimmer,.. anyways I am working my ass off of so don’t forget to support this game 🙂 This week there will be an official Giants Of Destruction Facebook page and #GiantsOfDestruction so all you hipsters can # our game. If anyone is willing to promote and moderate or Facebook page feel free to contact us.

Love, Ornithorhynchus Anatinus

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WEB Registration Open

Giants of Destruction finally supports login and social login.For now you can create your GOD user with our wordpress registration or using your Facebook profile.

That little button at the right end of the corner is the login button or for new users registration button.Our main goal is to create our own community where users will be able to use all of GOD features with just one user registration. We will support steam login when the time comes.The idea is to have player statistics on our official page.But for now we are even happy we got this working 😀

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